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“The Spirit of a Champion”© Keynote Speaker


Life is not easy. We all have been called upon to face our challenges. But what if what you have known your entire life changed in a split second? What would you do? How would you react? More importantly, how would you overcome? face adversity and the challenge of change? Could you find the strength to carry on?

Wayne Messmer knows all too well how sudden and unexpected change plays out. In April, 1994, a singular event dramatically impacted Wayne Messmer’s life. Nationally recognized for his decades of singing the National Anthem at major sporting, civic and business events, Wayne also receives standing ovations after delivering his powerful message from the speaking stage, inspiring others to “live their lives with their eyes open” always remaining open to possibilities and opportunities, regardless of the challenges they might face.

Drawing from a storied career as a Certified Speaking Professional, singer, broadcaster, author, actor, and successful businessman in the fields of professional sports and financial giudance, Messmer delivers a timeless message of hope and resilience.

Audiences travel along the journey of survival, courage and triumph with a master storyteller who combines wit, humor and music to share his step-by-step process to overcome adversity while looking at fear head-on. LEARN MORE >



Something Worth Mentioning

ESPN 30 for 30 Podcast

“The Lights of Wrigleyville,”

Narrated by Wayne Messmer  30for30podcasts.com

Where’s Wayne?

Wayne Messmer was honored as the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus of Illinois Wesleyan University in a weekend ceremony held on campus in Bloomington, IL in October, 2017. 


The Damien Play


Wayne Messmer transforms into Father (Saint) Damien in a one man show by Aldyth Morris to share the powerful, true stories of the struggles and challenges that he faced while bringing back lost hope to the exiled lepers of Hawaii in their isolated community on the Kalaupapa Peninsula on the Island of Molokai.  LEARN MORE >

The Critically-Acclaimed Book

The Voice Of Victory


The Voice Of Victory            

Silver Anniversary Edition                              

In Print and Kindle formats


Coming very soon as an audiobook

In 1994, a devastating incident nearly stole the voice and the life of Wyne Messmer. The autobiographical account of his life's challenge is chronicled in a newly revised edition of the highly acclaimed book, The Voice Of Victory


Gain courage, learn to adapt, persevere and triumph over your challenge. Walk away renewed and re-inspired to look fear in the eye and power through.


Keynote Topics:

Facing the Challenge of Change, Mental Toughness, Resiliency, Perseverance, Forgiveness

“I had never seen Wayne speak before. He is so personable and so funny. We all sang with him. It was a really great experience. I really liked his speech because it really showed how someone came through so many difficult things in life. An incredible presentation that was inspiring and motivating.”  LH


“I am so impressed and inspired by your message of forgiveness, your inspirational lessons of working through adversity and facing challenges head on. You sir, have a bigger fan in me than before. God Bless!” PJ

“Here is the thing about Wayne. You expect to hear the story about how he almost lost his voice, but it’s more than that. It’s also about us as the audience, about the things that inspired him and how he can inspire us. It’s words, it’s music, it’s humor. It’s an entire experience. People will leave that presentation with his inspiring story and be inspired as well.” LF


A baritone voice that is smooth, powerful and reverent that brings the listener along on an emotional journey of words and music both patriotic and popular.

Most Requested: United States and Canadian National Anthems, God Bless America, Jazz, Big Band, Sporting Events, Civic Functions, Conventions, Major Business Conferences, Concert Appearances.


Chicago’s Original “Voice of the National Anthem” 

“Wayne Messmer’s performance of the Canadian and the U. S. National Anthems at the NHL All-Star Game at Chicago Stadium is still considered as one of the greatest moments in sports’ history.”

“When Messmer sang “God Bless America” and “The Star Spangled Banner” at Game 5 of the 2016 World Series, it was as close to perfection as it gets.”

“With that rich baritone voice, Wayne has the unique ability to be able to interpret a ballad or a jazz classic as well as anyone I’ve ever heard.”

“I had an immediate reaction of musical “oneness” with him—the kind of camaraderie between singer and pianist that is a rare and special thing.”

“Last night’s event was the best we ever had. Wayne was fantastic. People were complimenting us all night for having him sing,’The National Anthem.’  Our deepest gratitude to Wayne for not only singing, but for hanging out and visiting with our residents for a large portion of the night.  It was awesome!!! He’s a very genuine guy.”


Come along on a journey focused on hope, dedication to a dream, overcoming the overwhelming odds of adversity and tapping into a foundation of faith, family, friends and forgiveness.


The Voice of Victory:  An autobiographical account of the life of Wayne Messmer, chronicling his rise to fame as the premier singer of the National Anthem. The story canvasses his career as a broadcaster, speaker and sports personality. And it brings you right back to the devastating night he was shot in the throat and almost lost his life and his voice during an attempted armed robbery.

“I want to personally thank you for this amazing book. Although our story is different from yours, they are very similar. You helped me to understand the “why me” or “why not me.” Your book is so inspiring, real, positive and encouraging. Your book taught me so much about life. You are an angel on earth for sharing your story.” C.W.


Beyond singing and speaking, Wayne is an experienced performer who brings his skills as an actor and narrator to the stage and the studio at each occasion.

Wayne is a Professional Member of the Screen Actors Guild/ American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (SAG/AFTRA)


Current Roles: As Father Damien in Damien: A One-Man Play by Aldyth Morris.

Appearing in the Role of the NY Yankees’ Radio Announcer in the Universal Studios film “The Babe” Universal Studios, Inc.

As Father (Saint) Damien, “The Leper Priest of Molokai” in the ctitically acclaimed production of Damien: A One-Man Play by Aldyth Morris.

Wayne Messmer, The Actor

“A touching account of a modern day saint that is told with truth and passion.”

“Wayne Messmer brings Father Damien to life.”

“I feel as though I actually met Father Damien.”

“This is a must-see performance every time.”


As a veteran broadcaster, Wayne has more than 30 years broadcasting experience for sports games, radio shows, news radio and most currently, the “Wayne Messmer Radio Show SUNDAY NIGHTS 7:00-8:00p.m. (Chicago time) on 90.9FM/WDCB.org. Listen Live.


Current Roles: Host of the Wayne Messmer Radio Show on 90.9 FM/WDCB.org

“The Wayne Messmer Radio Show,”      

Listen LIVE Sundays 7PM – 8PM on 90.9FM/WDCB.org

Wayne Messmer, The Broadcaster

“As a native Chicagoan, entertainer and broadcaster, his sharp wit and sense of humor has made him a favorite for years on-the-air.”

“From classical music to jazz, from sports to hard news, Messmer has the talent to carry any of those assignments.”

“Wayne has a great knowledge and appreciation of the music he plays on his show, and the voice of a radio pro.” 

About Wayne Messmer

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Wayne Messmer grew up on Chicago’s Southwest Side. Wayne gravitated towards singing, accordion, French horn and piano. When opportunity met preparation, he jumped in to sing the National Anthem at a Loyola University hockey game when the tape that they played had broken.  With a natural gift and talent, Wayne followed his opportunities that led to a successful career with various Chicago sports teams. He faced his biggest life challenge in 1994…

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A partial list of some of the companies, associations and organizations with which Wayne has professionally partnered:

ABN-AMRO, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Illinois Hospital and Health Systems Association, Asset Marketing Systems, Midwest Catholic Men’s Conference, National Association of Purchasing Managers, Office Depot, Newspaper Services of America, Underwriter’s Laboratory, Don Tech, American Marketing Association, National Fraternal Congress of America, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, Matsushita Electric Company of America, American Communications Network, La Salle Banks, Illinois Safety Council, Traffic Club of Chicago, Junior Achievement, College of Du Page

“When I heard Wayne speak, I was immediately struck by his talent as a presenter. A big fan of his singing for years, I knew I would enjoy his talk, and I would get something out of it. The questions were “What?” and “How much will I walk away with?” I can definitely say, it was a life-changing talk. Listening to his voice, with different characters, his broadcasting voice, singing and various points of inflection is quite “Mess-merizing,” and the lessons he instilled were very easy to apply to career and life. Wayne inspired us and reinforced the fact that no matter the circumstances in our lives, we can get through the most troublesome moments. ~ CT