I’ve always said that anything worth believing in is worth fighting for. Not to say that we need to “put up our dukes” every time somebody else stands in the way of our goals, but rather, it means that we have to keep focused on what it is that stokes the fire in our bellies. What is it that you feel passionate about? When you dream your best dreams… the ones that you remember all the details of long after the next morning… what are they all about?

We live in a world where the word “no” is heard a lot more than we would like. It starts when we are just toddlers, as we experiment with what we can and cannot get away with. Our parents teach us the meaning of the word “no.” It is from those early lessons in life that we come to accept the thought that we need approval for what we do. Those early lessons can sometimes come back to haunt us many years later if we fail to recognize the difference between a dream delayed and a dream denied. I remember being told “no” many years ago when I first set my sights on wanting to be on the radio. I refused to take “no” for an answer, instead, I took the attitude that said to the station Program Director that said, “I’m sorry that you won’t be there to share in my success.” Naturally, I didn’t say that out loud or I never would have gotten my first on-air radio job.

I kept my dream alive by not letting someone else extinguish the fire in my belly. And I still love each and every time I have the privilege to speak on the radio.

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