The little conveniences that we have come to enjoy on a routine basis should not be overlooked so easily, especially when you consider traveling by air prior to the addition of wheels on our luggage. Can you imagine actually having to carry a suitcase? How 1950’s can you get? We cram as much of our “stuff” into a bag as if it were an all you can eat buffet on a cruise ship, stopping dangerously close to within ounces of the “now it’ll cost you zone…”  the scary world of more than 50 pounds. What prompted this thought was seeing a poor guy struggling at an airport recently. I could barely resist asking him how it was that he had what I labeled a Suitcase version 1.0 at the end of his arm that seemed to get longer with each step, but I held back. 

Perhaps, he had lost his luggage (although we are not the ones who actually “lose” our luggage, but I’ll keep lost luggage stories separate), and maybe the nice lady with the awful assignment to deal with weary, aggravated, luggage-less travelers possibly handed over a replacement after the handlers had been a bit too aggressive with their handling duties, shall we say and his bag had emerged in shreds? Or, maybe he was just too cheap to replace his vintage bag. Either way, the thought of anything less than not just pulling the suitcase along, but guiding it… standing up, pushed with one finger to wafts across the highly buffed floor of the airport, like a swan on a summer pond… is almost too much effort to even consider. I put it in passing gear and was soon well past the struggling sad sack, figuring that he’ll probably end up in a middle seat between a couple of former college football lineman whose athletic frame had long since gone to seed, and I couldn’t bear to see the poor fellow suffer anymore. Cruising into the TSA Pre-Check line, which I have just discovered is a perk of certain credit cards and making one airline my declared fave… I found myself through security, with belt and shoes still intact and my laptop scanned while in the case. After getting over the initial shock, I thought, “wait a minute here, I don’t have anything to gripe about!” Well, I guess I’ll save the airline rant for another time. Happy travels. Enjoy those wheels.

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