These are the statements that plant land mines in our back yard, If only I had… I wish I would have known that… and the classic, If, I knew then what I know now… Guess what? You made other choices at the time. The most important focus is directly ahead of you. No matter how much of an individual we may credit ourselves as being, I don’t believe that there is a person alive today who does not live without at least a small dose of regret for something they should have said or done, but didn’t. When in search of words, reach for the rich library of song lyrics to express what you are thinking. In the song My Way, we are told that as far as regrets go, “…I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.”

A pessimist may say that there are only two kinds of people in the world… those who have been hurt and those who have been hurt worse. I’ll choose the half-full view that tells me that there is not a shortage of available opportunities in life… there are only opportunities that are yet to be discovered.

Press “record” in your mind and discover that the opportunity to bask in the pure joy of the moment to watch it become shiningly more brilliant. Allow yourself to accept the invitation to be in someone else’s moment, just as you invite others into yours. The walls today are higher than ever and we need to keep the human touch and interaction alive. As I watched the words appear on the screen of my laptop, I realize that in making contact via the written word, I am inviting you into my brief moment of streaming consciousness in hopes to ignite some of your own.

My door is open… is yours?

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