Opportunities pop up in the most unlikely and unexpected places… sometimes, even in the junk mail. What appears as a solicitation, trying to sell you something, may actually be a lot more.

O sure, you may eventually end up throwing out the paper offering you a free vacation with no obligation… after reading it and realizing that the fine print tells us that free is not really free after all. 

It may just spark the thought that maybe a stress free getaway is exactly what you need. Or, it could plant the idea that you should take a quick review of your game plan and start squirreling away some funds each week for that special vacation… the one you’ve talked about for years. Or, maybe it provides a gentle reminder that all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy. 

Be open to any idea that gives birth to thought. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the options that we have in our lives. A few degrees of correction in any direction will take us to new places. Opportunities exist all around us to spawn new ideas. With Billboards, TV commercials, magazine ads and social media clobbering us over the head in a non-stop assault, it sometimes means just opening our eyes to acceptance of new thoughts.

 Junk mail can be… just… junk mail. But, the next time you see the latest great offer show up in your mailbox or on your doorstep telling you how you could be a the sweepstakes winner, or how a fabulous prize awaits, dream a little before you deep-six the offer. Dream about your life as the successful person that you would like to be… and with a little suggestion now and then… start living the dream.

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