I picture myself as an ordinary person who was born to and raised by a set of extraordinary parents. I learned most of life’s lessons through observation and first-hand example. I feel sadness for anyone who was raised in a house where love and respect was not present. 

Mine was a home that was a joy-filled place, where I was allowed to live my dream of making music and where I was able to interact in a stable family environment fostering a profound appreciation for all of the treasures I had possessed with my family. This deep appreciation carries through my everyday life even today. I think that much of the success that I’ve had is a result of incorporating the attitude of treating every person whom I meet as though they were my parents. It’s a simple variation of the Golden Rule that says treat everyone as though you were the OTHER person. It never goes unnoticed and it is a great habit to develop. It takes very little effort and a couple of ounces of consideration every now and then. The term “random acts of kindness” comes to mind here. It could mean a simple gesture of holding the door for an older gentleman struggling to walk into a restaurant, or giving up your seat on a bus or a train to a lady at the end of her long work day. Make respecting your elders a part of who it is that you are. It may be advice that you haven’t heard in a while, but it still makes sense. Treat our elders with dignity and respect for their years of service to the world. They’ve done the work… the hard work of life. Then focus on the fact that we are all taking a glimpse into our own future.

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