On my recent trip to New Orleans this week I made sure to find the time to visit the National WW II Museum and the D Day Museum that clearly showed the story of why we can never forget the sacrifices of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line, or gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy the freedom that we have today. The staggering cost of the war on a global basis numbered 65-million lives, a figure that is incomprehensible by any method of calculation.

During the period of my parents youth, the factions of power in Germany, Japan and Italy attempted to enforce their wills on the public and the freedom loving countries of the world, led primarily by England, the United States, Canada, Australia, France and others who knew that while a war was not something that anyone wanted to be drawn into, they had no choice but to arm themselves against these aggressors and protect the world from the darkness that threatened all future generations to follow.

I am part of the Baby Boomer wave that now populates about 78 million of us Americans, most of whom had parents that experienced that time of uncertainty and met it head-on with courage and conviction in hopes that we, their children and their grandchildren beyond that would be able to live our lives without the heavy hand of dictatorship looming over us.

I am absolutely confident that the Greatest Generation did not make their sacrifices so that our current society would think they have the entitlement to abuse that freedom to the extent that we see in the self-serving, overblown egos that we see in the so-called celebrities of today in the sports and entertainment ranks. Do I need to name names? You can fill in the blanks yourself.

As a sad irony, on the same day as having experienced the story of such intense courage of a generation for a common cause, the Annual Grammy’s telecast exposed the depths to which we have plunged in our level, (or lack of) of standards of acceptability.

I couldn’t help but think of the brave soldier, neck deep in the jungle swamps of the Pacific or the young doughboy somewhere on a battlefield in Europe praying for the chance to see his girl back home once again, would ever envision that he was possibly going to have to sacrifice his life for the freak show that paraded across the stage at the Grammy’s. One can only wonder, in fear of the answer, if any of these so-called artists even know about the heroes that have gone before them so that they could go about being the fools and jesters that they truly are.

Thank God for the veterans and what they did for us all. And thanks to whomever invented the TV remote.

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