I have to laugh at the folks complaining about the winter weather that we are experiencing in Chicago. As a native of the Windy City, I have come to accept the reality that cold temperatures and snow is just a part of the picture. “Is it cold enough for you?” or “I can’t believe this weather!” are just goofy statements. My question back is, “Are you new here?” This too shall pass… of course this is coming from the guy who just tripped to New Orleans, LA and San Diego, with a plane ticket to Arizona, but who’s counting?

As the Winter Olympics open in Sochi, I am wondering about two Olympics related questions that fall into the Something Worth Mentioning category. The first answer I’d like to have is, whatever happened to all of the money that was raised to try to bring the Summer Olympics to my hometown of Chicago? Just asking.

More timely is the question of what in the heck were the Russian authorities thinking, or better yet, not doing in preparation for these Winter Olympics? They were still building roads to get to unfinished hotels and the toilets that don’t flush, and the polluted water, and the missing doorknobs as late as two days ago. It makes you wonder, (and maybe this the Chicago and the Illinois in me asking)… who greased whom to get these games of the Winter Olympics anyway? Somewhere, someone is toasting that decision in a luxury suite somewhere overlooking a sunny beach while the most gifted athletes of the world gather in an embarrassing example of mismanagement.

Congratulations to my friend Kenny McCudden for his selection as the Skills Coach for USA Women’s Hockey. When he returns, I’ll share a war story or two from the trip. 

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