One of the great American traditions throughout this great land of ours is the local breakfast spot. From the urban grind of the cold pavement to the open fields in the heartland, there is a place that serves up more than what is on the menu. As a frequent traveler, I am always on the lookout for just such a place no matter where I might find myself. One of the first questions I often ask upon arrival in a new town is, “where can I find the best place to have breakfast?” The answer often points me in the direction that is slightly off the beaten path to a spot that all but says, “Welcome, my new friend.” I found a little place in the Phoenix area that has all the elements to become a permanent placeholder on my favorite list, not just because the food is good, but the casting is just perfect. A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Biscuits (really, that’s what it’s called) to discover a couple servers who not only make you want to come back, they make you feel like you don’t want to leave. Central casting could not have sent a better pair of delightful characters to serve up the poached eggs, biscuits and gravy and hash browns (well done, of course). Lynn and Laura are classics. “What can I get for you, hon? is a typical greeting to start things off on the right foot. I soon discovered that it is Laura’s recipe for grits that had the fellas at the next booth as excited as a couple of guys home on leave. I mentioned to them that they were the biggest reason that I came back, and will come back again. “I wish my boss was here to hear what you just said,” was the response. I’ll make sure that I keep coming back for a home cooked breakfast until I do get a chance to tell the boss that his greatest asset is a couple of sweet gals who just want to be sure that you’re happy when you come in… and even happier as you leave. I just love this place.

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