On a recent afternoon, I spent some time sifting through a photo album and took the opportunity to look beyond the surface image of the snapshots to make some very lovely discoveries along the journey. As I glanced at each photo, it naturally brought back a memory of the event and the person or persons that were captured there, but as I studied each picture further, I found myself getting tugged into the moment of the who, what, where and when that was looking back at me. The images are far more than just smiling faces of family and friends who had come together at a birthday party or holiday gathering. It was far more than just people standing in pose in front of historic places, scenic mountain ranges or beaches. These are the suspended moments in our lives when we seemed to be smiling at or hugging each other for a reason.

It became a wonderful journey of remembering as I imagined the time spent with each of the people in the various pictures… I recalled how it was that we all came to be there at that particular moment… I tried to remember who actually took the photo… was it one of our group? Or was it a stranger who was passing by? Digging deeper, I tried to think what it was that we all did afterword. Each photo ignited a new and fascinating set of details, well worth recollecting. Recalling the story and not just the names and places in the image is an exercise in laughter and tears… looking at the healthy, smiling faces of those who have since passed, or those whom we have not seen in far too long. Framed before us is a glimpse of a “snapshot in time” that speaks loudly of the fleeting nature of our own life. All of the conversations and the underscoring of sounds of nature and music that accompany these frozen images seem to rush to the surface the longer you choose to spend in harmony with each new image. Take some time to revisit the priceless images that we all have in our possession… they are anxiously waiting for you inside your photo album.

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