I recently spoke before a national conference of an organization made up of people whose job is to oversee the recreational activities for their fellow co-workers. One would think that this group was tuned in to personal time management and making sure that there was always a maintenance of balance between work and play, but I discovered that a number of convention attendees with whom I spoke after addressing the group, who told me that they needed to hear my message of life balance and priorities loudly and clearly.

They know very well that hard work pays off with the reward coming in the level of enjoyment in exactly how we use our personal time. I remember a wise man telling me about the difference between being rich and being wealthy. He explained that being rich means that you have money, while being wealthy is having the money and the time to enjoy it.

Weeks after the speaking date, I received a hand written letter from a woman who had attended the talk. She said that she had taken my words to heart… re-focused her priorities, re-directed her energies and decided that she would no longer punish herself in her career any longer. She managed her time more wisely and budgeted the 1,440 minutes in each of her days with a keen eye on balance. She made more time to enjoy her family, her passions, and her life. Not to my surprise she went on to describe how creativity and some prioritization made her happier and she was finding that her level of productivity was at an all-time high. She was accomplishing more in less time while sticking to her budget of how to spend her time.

She said her wake up call came from me speaking on stage several weeks earlier. It felt good to hear from that one person with whom you hope to connect at every speaking opportunity. Nice feeling to know that my words hit home.  

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