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Certified Speaking Professional, Singer, Broadcaster, Author, Actor

Do You Have “The Spirit of a Champion”© Within You? 

What are the challenges that you are facing? 

Wayne Messmer knows that question all too well. Recognized as “Chicago’s Original Voice of the National Anthem,” Wayne shares his riveting story of the night his life was challenged by a random act of violence, leaving him with many unknowns, including the possible loss of not only his voice, but also his life. Through this harrowing experience, he discovered the strength to successfully move forward. Whatever the challenge may be: organizational, health, family, spiritual or relational, it changes your life. As a master storyteller and singer, Certified Speaking Professional Wayne Messmer, CSP creatively weaves words and music to share his personal lessons of facing adversity head-on with the power of perseverance in the face of unexpected, sudden change. Audiences come away renewed, inspired and encouraged to look fear squarely in the eye, accept change, and grab onto the challenge to emerge victorious. That, is the essence of “The Spirit of a Champion”©

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“When we have the courage to look our greatest fears squarely in the eye, we often discover an enormous inner strength and an unconquerable spirit that we failed until then, to recognize within our own hearts. This energy is unstoppable, especially when called upon during times of personal crisis.” ~WM

Wayne Messmer, CSP, Certified Speaking Professional

As a sought after keynote speaker, Wayne Messmer truly “Mess-merizes” the audiences before whom he speaks. He shares his insight into such topics as facing and adapting to change, mental toughness, resilience, overcoming adversity and the journey to freedom through forgiveness.

Wayne shares the accounts of his amazing true-life story, as told in his inspirational and critically acclaimed book, The Voice of Victory. Readers and audiences journey through his rise to fame as a premier singer of the National Anthem and then experience the retelling of the fateful night when his career as a speaker, broadcaster and actor is abruptly halted with a near-fatal gunshot wound to the neck during an armed robbery attempt.

Wayne brings his personal story and “Championship C.A.P.” formula to the stage and inspires others to live life with their eyes open. Drawing from a storied career as a professional speaker, singer, author, actor, broadcaster and successful businessman, Messmer has earned distinction from delivering the following keynote presentations to audiences across the country.


Keynote Topic: The Spirit of a Champion” ~

Facing the Challenge of Change

Best Suited for: Professional Meetings and Conferences. Entertaining, Motivational and Inspirational.

Champions share common beliefs and principles, in sports as well as in business. Those who internalize “The Spirit of a Champion.”©  come to know that winners expect to win, in advance. The fundamental traits of champions can be learned, imitated, nurtured and cultivated within each of us. The qualities of those who are champions are available to everyone.

Travel along the journey of survival, courage and triumph with a master storyteller who combines wit, humor and music to share his step-by-step “Championship C.A.P.” process to fight for survival and overcome adversity while facing fear head-on… the true mark of “The Spirit of a Champion.”©    

Brochure – Keynote, Wayne Messmer ~ The Spirit of a Champion / The Challenge of Change


Keynote Topic: “The Voice of Victory” ~
One Man’s Journey to Freedom Through Healing and Forgiveness

 Best Suited for: Groups and Organizations. Inspirational, True-LIfe Personal Account

Life can often be challenging, especially when unexpected events happen. Wayne brings the audience along on the journey as he shares his career highs as well as the challenges that were thrust upon him during an incredibly difficult period in his life. Citing moments of doubt and frustration along the way, the master storyteller describes how he broke out of the darkness and onto the road of his triumphant comeback, sharing valuable insights for those before whom he speaks.

Wayne’s dramatic account of his recovery astounds, inspires and empowers audiences. As he shares his secrets of discovering a path to overcome adversity by focusing on hope, dedication and following a dream to overcome even the most overwhelming odds to gain strength by tapping into a foundation of the “3 F’s” of Faith, Family and Friends.

Brochure – Keynote, Wayne Messmer – The Voice of Victory


Keynote Topic: “Keep the Faith” ~

Nobody Ever Said It was Going To Be Easy

Best Suited for: Faith-based Groups and Conferences, Parish Missions. Spiritual and Inspirational  

Based on the core values of Faith, Family and Friends, Wayne Messmer walks the talk in this powerful multi-media presentation to dig deeply into the essence of taking responsibility for the roles in which we have been cast in our lives.

Using his personal true life story of having been shot in the neck as an innocent victim in a senseless act of violence, Wayne presents a straight forward message that clarifies the belief that it is not the severity of the setbacks in our lives, but rather, our reaction to them that truly test what we are made of.

The difficult evolutionary process of moving from anger, bordering on hatred and wanting revenge for being victimized is examined and dissected to empower audiences to do the work required to move toward the ultimate achievement of freedom through healing and forgiveness.

Brochure – Keynote, Wayne Messmer – Keep the Faith… Nobody Ever Said it was Going to be Easy

“Perhaps the most powerful set of tools that we possess comes in the form of the three-legged stool that keeps us all grounded. The “3-F’s” of Faith, Family and Friends is the anchor to which we hold onto in good times and in bad. The care and maintenance of these pillars of strength must be the highest priority that we have in our lives. In following the path of the “3-F’s” we discover the next step of Forgiveness, which, after a period of some challenge, will ultimately lead us to Freedom. It is perhaps, the most challenging journey we will ever take in our lives. ~WM

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“Does anybody sing the national anthem more than Wayne Messmer?”
– Scott Simon, NPR

And… He Sings More Than Just the National Anthem

Sharing his inspiring rendition of the National Anthem from his baritone voice, Messmer’s extraordinary singing career started many years ago with an impropmtu performance at a Loyola University Hockey game. Filling the rafters with his powerful voice, Chicago Blackhawks fans in the ’80’s embraced the moment with an uproarious boom of cheers, whistles, and clapping to start a tradition that still lives. His signature ending note on the word, “brave,” (on the fifth) is known as his trademark en been copied by other singers. Wayne is recognized as “Chicago’s Original Voice of the National Anthem” since 1980.

“This year, the 2018 season opening game of the Chicago Cubs began my 34th year of singing the National Anthem for the Chicago Cubs… including 34 straight opening days. The amazing championship season of 2016 marked the first time that I also had the honor of performing before a World Series Game, (Games 3 and 5). These accomplishments, have not come easily. Thankfully, this year, I celebrated 24 more glorious years of life after experiencing a random act of violence back in April of 1994.” ~WM

Wayne’s talent reaches far beyond the National Anthem. Messmer’s CD Release, So Lucky To Be Loving You featuring the accompaniment of legendary pianist Judy Roberts displays the gentle side of his baritone voice to serve evidence of his position as a well-respected singer in the genre of jazz and the “Great American Songbook.” His voice has been proudly associated with the National Anthem in Chicago for nearly forty years, having sung as the featured vocalist for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Wolves, Chicago Sting, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and many other professional and college sports teams, conventions, business meetings and civic functions.

Recordings of his music and popular audio essays are available in the Wayne Messmer Words and Music Store.

Performance Opportunities

  • Sporting Events
  • Conventions / Conferences
  • Business Events 
  • Civic Functions
  • Concert Performances
  • Big Band 
  • Jazz Combo

“Wayne Messmer’s book is a powerful story of courage and conviction.”
– The late, great Bob Collins, WGN Radio, Chicago

Storyteller and Critically Acclaimed Author

The Voice of Victory a Book by Wayne Messmer

The Voice of Victory is the autobiographical account of Wayne Messmer. The book canvasses his rise to fame as a premier singer of the National Anthem; his career as a broadcaster, speaker and sports personality; and his devastating, near fatal experience of being shot in the throat during an armed robbery attempt. The story focuses on hope, dedication to follow a dream, and overcoming adversity with the four pillars of faith, family, friends and forgiveness, ultimately leading to freedom. Soon to be released as an Audiobook.

“Wayne’s Words” Newsletter, Blogs and Audio Essays

For years, Wayne has been delighting his reading audience with his articles in his “Wayne’s Words,” and “Mess-merizing Moments.” As a gifted writer and storyteller, the pieces find their way into print and in audio recordings that draw attention to the appreciation of life’s little details. His “Messmer-izing Moments” series is a collection of real-life observations of the world in which we live. His creativity comes alive as he shares his observations in recordings, in which he affectionately refers to as his audio essays.

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The Broadcaster

Wayne Messmer’s radio career began in 1975 when he was hired as a weekend staff announcer for WXFM 105.9 FM in Chicago. While there, his talents were recognized, and he soon became a full-time staff announcer. Along the way, he assumed various positions as host and programmer to an overnight classical music program, Nitecap, a morning drive-time, Old Time Radio Show host and producer, a newscaster, a Music from Broadway Show host and a Jazz program host. When the station was sold and became Top-40 WAGO (G 106), he assumed the role of Sports Director, a position that survived after the management decided to change their identity to WCKG and move to a classic rock format.

Shortly thereafter, an opportunity came knocking at WYTZ (94.7FM) whereby he was partnered for over three years as the on-air newsman and sidekick of Paul Barsky for an energetic and highly rated “Barksy Morning Zoo” Show.  

The next move took Wayne to WLS AM 890 where he joined the news team as the mid-day News Anchor for Chicago’s ABC flagship station, for a few more years. His expertise as a broadcaster, led him the capture the role of Public Address Announcer for the Chicago Sting Soccer Team. He was then hired by the White Sox where he served for a three-season stint as PA Announcer/Soloist, until moving to the Chicago Cubs, where he assumed the same role. He has maintained a relationship with the Cubs since 1985, although now he has relinquished the PA duties in favor of frequent National Anthem appearances.

Various radio side stops along the way at a number of stations, eventually led him to AM 560 WIND in Chicago where he produced, wrote and hosted a Saturday morning lifestyle program called the Homelife Radio Show with Wayne Messmer for a couple of years.

His current radio gig is on “Chicago’s Home for Jazz ,” 90.9FM WDCB.org the listener supported Public Radio station broadcasting from the College of Du Page. He’s back to his Jazz DJ roots with The Wayne Messmer Radio Show, heard Sunday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm (Chicago time). This program has gained great popularity and a loyal following since it first began in October of 2011. Each week, some listeners who have connected via email at waynemessmer.com are recognized from across the country as special guests in the “Radio Lounge” while enjoying the program streaming live on the web at WDCB.org.

Television credits include a stint as the host of “Wolves TV,” a weekly magazine show of and about the Chicago Wolves Hockey Team, for which he received a Chicago Emmy nomination.

Current Sports Personality Opportunities: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Wolves, Chicago Bears, Chicago Fire, Loyola University, Northwestern University; Former positions include Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Sting


The Wayne Messmer Radio Show ~ WDCB, 90.9FM Chicago’s Home for Jazz




The Actor


Audiences have seen and heard Wayne Messmer on stage in leading roles over the years that include Gaylord Ravenal in Showboat, Emile deBeque in South Pacific, El Gallo in The Fantasticks, Petruchio in Kiss Me Kate, Harold Hill in The Music Man, Albert Peterson in Bye, Bye Birdie and numerous musical reviews and cabaret shows. His commanding stage voice and booming baritone have entertained countless audiences through the years.


Wayne is passionately connected with the character of Father (Saint) Damien, the Leper Priest of Moloka’i, whom he has singled out as his personal life’s hero. In the live, one-man play, Damien by Aldyth Morris, Messmer channels the powerful stories of the challenges that Damien experienced while serving the community of the exiled lepers (Hansen’s Disease) on the remote Hawaiian Island in the 1870’s and 1880’s until his own life was taken by the affliction on April 15, 1889. Father Damien was canonized in a ceremony at the Vatican in October 11, 2009.


Film credits include the feature role of the New York Yankees radio announcer in the Universal Pictures (1992) release, The Babe, directed by Oscar Award winner Arthur Hiller, starring  John Goodman and Kelly McGillis.




The Damien Play


A one-man play by Aldyth Morris, performed by Wayne Messmer


 ‘‘Damien is a story that needs to be told… and more importantly, needs to be heard.’’  


We are all touched by the real life stories of the people who walked among us and have dedicated themselves to heroic lives of great deeds in the unselfish service to others. The opportunity to hear a true-life story of a person of character should never be missed. Such a person is the legendary Father Damien, the “Hero of Molokai,” born in Belgium in 1840 as Joseph de Veuster.


Chicago actor and personality, Wayne Messmer, triumphantly portrays this amazing man of faith in a tale of courage and conviction and brings him to life in a one-man play, Damien, by Aldyth Morris. The play, produced by WPM Productions, Inc. is now booking single dates.


Audiences are “Mess-merized” throughout the 90-minute live theatrical experience. Messmer literally transforms into Father Damien to share stories of the struggles and challenges that this man of faith faced while bringing back lost hope to the exiled lepers of Hawaii in their isolated community on a deserted peninsula on the island of Molokai.


Wayne Messmer has been critically acclaimed for his performances in the role of Father Damien in this powerful play. The story of this humble man of the cloth is an inspiration to all who witness the theatrical experience, which has been enhanced by WPM Productions, Inc. to include dramatic audio effects and musical underscoring.


Actor Credits:


  • Current: As Father (Saint) Damien, by Aldyth Morris, A One-Man Play
  • Previous Role as the NY Yankees News Announcer in “The Babe” with John Goodman, Universal Studios, Inc.
  • Several roles in plays and musicals 


In the Recording Studio 



As Father (Saint) Damien ~ A One-Man Play by Aldyth Morris



In the Role of NY Yankees’ Radio Announcer in “The Babe” Universal Studios, Inc.



Hear Wayne's Story

“When I heard Wayne speak, I was immediately struck by his talent as a presenter. A big fan of his singing for years, I knew I would enjoy his talk, and I would get something out of it. The questions were “What?” and “How much will I walk away with?” I can definitely say, it was a life-changing talk. Listening to his voice, with different characters, his broadcasting voice, singing and various points of inflection is quite mess-merizing, and the lessons he instilled were very easy to apply to career and life. Wayne inspired us and reinforced the fact that no matter the circumstances in our lives, we can get through the most troublesome moments. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or that I can’t do something, I hear Wayne’s voice in my head, “What is your plan? How are you going to earn that ‘Championship Cap?’  CT