Gain courage, learn to adapt, persevere and triumph over your challenge. Walk away renewed and re-inspired to look fear in the eye and power through.

Keynote Topics:

Facing the Challenge of Change, Mental Toughness, Resiliency, Perseverance, Forgiveness

“I had never seen Wayne speak before. He is so personable and so funny. We all sang with him. It was a really great experience. I really liked his speech because it really showed how someone came through so many difficult things in life. An incredible presentation that was inspiring and motivating.”  LH

“I am so impressed and inspired by your message of forgiveness, your inspirational lessons of working through adversity and facing challenges head on. You sir, have a bigger fan in me than before. God Bless!” PJ

“Here is the thing about Wayne. You expect to hear the story about how he almost lost his voice, but it’s more than that. It’s also about us as the audience, about the things that inspired him and how he can inspire us. It’s words, it’s music, it’s humor. It’s an entire experience. People will leave that presentation with his inspiring story and be inspired as well.” LF

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