As a sought after Keynote Speaker Wayne Messmer, has been described as a master storyteller who “messmerizes” the audiences before whom he speaks. He shares his insight into such topics as change, personal achievement, overcoming adversity and forgiveness.



The Spirit of a Champion [Download PDF]

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The Retirement Puzzle

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A partial list of some of the companies, associations and organizations with which Wayne has professionally partnered:




ABN-AMRO, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Illinois Hospital and Health Systems Association, Asset Marketing Systems, Midwest Catholic Men’s Conference, National Association of Purchasing Managers, Office Depot, Newspaper Services of America, Underwriter’s Laboratory, Don Tech, American Marketing Association, National Fraternal Congress of America, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, Matsushita Electric Company of America, American Communications Network, La Salle Banks, Illinois Safety Council, Traffic Club of Chicago, Junior Achievement




The Spirit of a Champion

“Champions in sports and in business share common beliefs and principles. Winners expect to win in advance. These fundamental traits can be imitated, nurtured and cultivated within each of us. The qualities of what makes a champion are not hidden in some secret formula they are available to everyone. I have always believed that anyone can tell you why something cannot be done, but you only require one reason… your own… to succeed.”


Facing the Challenge of Change

“Change has a way of sneaking up on us, just like our next birthday. The key is to read the road signs along the way and to stay ahead of the curve. However, despite our best laid plans. Something or someone will inevitably get in the way of the journey… so we must always be ready to jump. Of all the implied warranties and guarantees that we may think we have in our lives… tomorrow is not one of them.”



“Our 16th President Abraham Lincoln said that most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” I start each new day with the phrase, “It’s a great day to be alive!” From that perspective of looking for goodness and beauty in my life, I’ve gotten into the habit of finding it all around me.” “”It is pretty tough to ruin my day.”


Overcoming Adversity

“When we have the courage to look our greatest fears squarely in the eye, we often discover an enormous inner strength and an unconquerable spirit that we failed until then, to recognize within our own hearts. This energy is unstoppable, especially when called upon during times of personal crisis.”


The 3-F’s

“Perhaps the most powerful set of tools that we possess comes in the form of the three-legged stool that keeps us all grounded. The “3-F’s” of Faith, Family and Friends is the anchor to which we hold onto in good times and in bad. The care and maintenance of these pillars of strength must be the highest priority that we have in our lives. In following the path of the “3-F’s” we discover the next step of Forgiveness, which, after a period of some challenge, will ultimately lead us to Freedom. It is perhaps, the most challenging journey we will ever take in our lives.


The Gifts In Our Lives

“Make the time to take inventory of the special gifts that you have in your life. Recognize that as easily as they have been given to you, they can be taken away. Know that they are on loan. They are fragile and temporarily. So respect them, use them and share them. These are your own unique set of personal gifts that defines what mark you will leave on this world.”



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What satisfied audiences have said about
Wayne Messmer:

“… a great communicator with a powerful message. His insight and inspiration is incredible”

"... honest, funny, intelligent and captivating. I laughed, cried
and learned a lot about myself."

“The Convention began with the audience on their feet with Wayne singing the
National Anthem… and it concluded with them back on their feet again following his powerful keynote.”

"... Wayne's presentations are as dynamic as his singing.
He has a gift for connecting with each audience personally."

“… a pro’s pro. He owns the platform, the stories he tells, the songs he sings.
One of the best I have ever seen.”

"... everyone in audience was truly 'Messmer-ized' from the introduction
to the standing ovation that followed the presentation."




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