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The Voice of Victory
One Man’s Journey to Freedom Through Healing and Forgiveness
Silver Anniversary Special Edition

The Voice of Victory is the autobiographical account of Wayne Messmer. The book canvasses his rise to fame as the premier singer of the National Anthem; his career as a broadcaster, speaker and sports personality; and his devastating, near fatal experience of being shot in the throat during an armed robbery attempt. The story focuses on hope; dedication to following a dream; and overcoming of faith, family, friends and forgiveness.

As an author and storyteller, Wayne Messmer focuses his attention and creativity on what he describes as “Messmer-izing Moments,” a series of audio essays and writings, a collection of real life observations of the world in which we live.



“This is an amazing book. It helped me to understand the ‘why me?’ or ‘why not me?’ The book is so inspiring, real, positive and encouraging. The story taught me so much about life. Wayne Messmer is an angel for sharing this story.” CW


“The Voice of Victory is a love story about life and the important people in our lives. Highly recommended reading for anyone who is facing change or having to overcome adversity.” KB


“I could not put this book down. From the opening chapters to the inspirational act of forgiveness, this is a fascinating read.” TJ


“A powerful story of courage and conviction that captured my attention with every detail and every step of Wayne’s journey to freedom.” SK







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