Face the Challenge of Change

Face the Challenge of Change

The old saying that we all have heard most of our lives is that

“The only things that we can count on happening are death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

I take issue with that declaration by adding one other component of our journey and that would be

“the inevitability that change will occur.” If not now… be patient, it is on the way.

“In preparing for change, it takes a readiness to accept the expected as well as the unexpected. Here, lies the true challenge.” – Wayne Messmer

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

There is a school of thought that the sequence of events that occurs in our lives is all carefully laid out for us like a row of dominos waiting for the initial energy to start the chain reaction. I discovered that change has a way of sneaking up on you, just like old age. Our best-laid plans are often swept right out from under us, just as we least expect it. Trying to find a reason is often a frustrating chasing of the tail.

Think of Change as an Opportunity for Improvement

Have you ever been blindsided? Too often, change in job status or in a life situation proves to be crippling, particularly if we get blindsided by it. At times in my life, when the unexpected jumps in front of me, I imagine sitting in a rowboat surrounded by water without oars.

We constantly have the opportunity to prepare for the “what-ifs” in our life. As I share from the stage, it often feels like we “place land mines in our own back yard.” When I was blindsided in ’94 with a bullet to the neck (my land mine), one of the greatest lessons I learned was that I had to open myself up to the possibilities of change.

Where Do You Find the Answer?

Countless times over the years, I have described the “so-called moment of truth.” It is that instant when you focus on the person looking back at you in the mirror. The voice is quite recognizable. It speaks even when we would rather not hear what he/she has to say. The words are few, but poignant, the voice simply says, “You’re not fooling me.”

Not knowing whether I would live, let alone talk or sing the National Anthem again, forced me to examine my options. It forced me to open myself up to all the possibilities for my career and life. It is painful when “life happens.” Sometimes, you may not want to get back on the horse that just threw you to the ground, or to reach down to pet the very same dog that just bit you.

Accepting change, embracing change happens either when we catch our breath after the dust settles or when the alarm sounds. Either way, we step forward into the unknown, and we find that change can be an emancipating moment. And on the other side, we find everything we didn’t yet know we could achieve. And, that my friends, I have found to be, is one of the telling tales of what it takes to instill the “Spirit of a Champion.” ©

Next Step?

What challenge are you facing? It’s your move. The next step IS entirely up to you, and that person in the mirror. You can do it. Step forward, to the other side. Waiting for you is everything you have yet to achieve. Embrace “The Spirit of a Champion.” ©

Life isn’t easy. We all have our challenges. But what if your entire life as you knew it changed in a split second? What would you do? How would you react? More importantly, how would you overcome and march on?

Wayne Messmer knows all too well how sudden change plays out. In April 1994, a singular event dramatically impacted Wayne Messmer’s life. Nationally recognized as the “Voice of the National Anthem,” Wayne steps off the baseball field and onto the stage to share his powerful story of survival, courage and triumph.

Audiences walk away with

  • New perspectives to adapt to sudden change, no matter the circumstance,
  • Inspiration to face the unexpected with great resilience to persevere,
  • And motivation to embrace the change by instilling “The Spirit of a Champion.”

Wayne Messmer is a master storyteller who engages audiences with a balanced mixture of wit, humor, music, experience and inspiration. Drawing from a storied career as a certified speaking professional, singer, broadcaster, author, actor, and businessman, Messmer delivers a timeless message of resilience, perseverance, adaptability and hope for all audience types. You will be changed by Wayne when join his journey on stage, and in blogs, books and musicWatch Video. Book Now.