The Voice of Victory ~ Wayne Messmer

The Voice of Victory

One Man’s Journey to Freedom Through Healing and Forgiveness
Silver Anniversary Special Edition

The Voice of Victory is the autobiographical account of Wayne Messmer. The book canvasses his rise to fame as the premier singer of the National Anthem; his career as a broadcaster, speaker and sports personality; and his devastating, near fatal experience of being shot in the throat during an armed robbery attempt. The story focuses on hope; dedication to following a dream; and overcoming of faith, family, friends and forgiveness.

As an author and storyteller, Wayne Messmer focuses his attention and creativity on what he describes as “Messmer-izing Moments,” a series of audio essays and writings, a collection of real life observations of the world in which we live.

Kind Words from Readers

“This incredible story is one of the greatest comeback stories I have read. Wayne’s story is
one of great faith and perseverance that exemplifies the best the human spirit can offer.
The Voice of Victory is a must-read and will leave the reader convinced that nothing is impossible.
Whether you are a sports fan, a music lover or just a lover of life, this book is for you!
~ Michael Taylor

Inspiring Book… a GREAT Message! This book provides a great message of the human spirit.
A reflection of how family, friends, and faith, can help people get through some difficult times.
I am a public school principal. There are many teachable moments in this book
for young adolescents and adults. Our society struggles with forgiveness and
he Voice of Victory provides insight on the human spirit and empathy.”
~ Kathy Hitz, School Principal

“This is an amazing book. It helped me to understand the ‘why me?’ or ‘why not me?’ The book is so inspiring, real, positive and encouraging. The story taught me so much about life. Wayne Messmer is an angel for sharing this story.” CW

“A powerful story of courage and conviction that captured my attention with every detail and every step of Wayne’s journey to freedom.” SK

“This book is not only an incredible story, it contains many powerful messages of how to overcome adversity, by relying on hope, family, friends and faith. Most importantly, it provides a strong message of how forgiveness can impact your life and the life of the person being forgiven. I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. I have reread it with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment as the first time it was released. Great story. Great book — I highly recommend this to everyone of all ages!” ~ Kindle Reader

“Knowing Wayne’s journey and his willingness to forgive touched my heart
and allowed me to move forward after my daughter Kelsey was
victimized by a drunk driver that left her partially paralyzed.”

Bob Ibach, former Chicago Cubs PR Director
Sportswriter & Broadcaster, Author of Five Books

I could not put this book down. From the opening chapters to the inspirational act of forgiveness, this is a fascinating read.” TJ

“Whether he is standing in front of thousands of fans with
a microphone in his hand, or standing on stage in character,
or in front of a computer screen typing out a memoir,
The Voice of Victory is Wayne Messmer’s gift to all of us.

Father John Cusick, Archdiocese of Chicago
Author of ‘Never Be Ordinary: Wisdom From My Father’