Wayne Messmer ~ Executive Coach & Mentor - Chicago

“The Spirit of a Champion lives within all of us,
but it needs to be awakened.”

The Spirit of a Champion Program transforms and re-energizes individuals and teams alike by eliminating barriers of resistance, identifying and activating unique qualities and significantly contributing to success in personal and professional life. The Championship C.A.P. Mentor Program focuses on positive reinforcement and continuous personal improvement. Expected results include increased employee engagement and positive shifts in attitude.

The various offerings of The Spirit of a Champion Program include:

The Spirit of a Champion©
Video Program Overview

The Spirit of a Champion Video Program© is a unique personal improvement program for positive-minded companies, associations, motivated teams and individuals. It is most effective for those working directly with others in a professional services capacity who want positive improvement in their workplace culture or attitude.

Individuals enrolled in this program and who apply its principles will re-discover their uniqueness, unblock obstacles and achieve game-changing personal results.

The program, delivering weekly videos, written and hosted by award-winning media professional Dr. Wayne Messmer. This video series incorporates short stories that get real results for clients who want to REACH a higher level of inspired leadership, REMOVE obstacles in business and personal growth and greatly IMPROVE communication skills. The program is designed for those who are seeking a transformational change for themselves and/or their team. Each video is accompanied by a thought-provoking questions and

Dr. Wayne Messmer’s approach is laser focused on entertaining, educating and inspiring, with every video delivering a story with a positive message and a lesson to be learned to illustrate the point.

Expected Results:

  • Thoughts and solutions that will remove the roadblocks in your business
  • A positive mindset with increased levels of trust and engagement with others
  • Renewed perspective on how to successfully face the challenges of change
  • Dramatic increase in self-confidence
  • Measurable improvements in personal communication skills
  • Clear understanding of how to recognize and capture pivotal moments in life
  • Step-by-step process to establish consistent qualities of inspired leadership
  • Increased sense of clarity in the decision-making process
  • A more defined sense of prioritization in problem-solving
  • Personal path to achieving your own “Championship C.A.P.” ©

Kind Words from Clients

“COVID-19 brought a myriad of challenges to business and life. Wayne helped me personally in taking the “blinders” off to see things at face value again. Change was intentional and occurred at a good pace. Once things were going well again personally, the professional successes followed. Elated to report that our sales team not only exceeded our goals, but we set a new benchmark for what a banner year looks like… amidst a global pandemic.”

Chuck Haas
Sales Manager

“I really enjoyed my time with Wayne Messmer during our Laser Focus Meetings. The time was well spent, addressing specific objectives like exceeding my personal sales goals, but also taking the time to look at the bigger picture of where I would like my career to go and steps to lead me towards that direction. Wayne allowed me to lead the conversation sometimes off path, identifying what my stresses or barriers were. By doing this, I could tackle my goals with a different outlook.”

Toni Sawilchik
Regional Director of
Business Development

The Spirit of a Champion©
1-on-1 Private Mentor Program

The Spirit of a Champion Private Mentor Program is a personalized 1-on-1 Business Growth and Personal Improvement Program for motivated individuals in a professional services business who are looking to reignite leadership and communication skills.

Once accepted in the program, clients will RE-DISCOVER and RE-ENERGIZE their unique qualities and unblock obstacles with game-changing results in both their personal and professional life. The Private Mentoring experience involves working directly with Dr. Wayne Messmer who will guide individuals through the process of making the right decisions while charting a course along the path to success.

The program is an intensive 1-on-1 customized mentoring program for business owners, independent professionals, executives, and speakers wanting to achieve a transformational change.

The Process:

After identifying the biggest challenges, and areas of resistance, specific strategies and tactics are employed to get results. Clients REACH a higher level of inspired leadership, REMOVE the obstacles to business growth and greatly IMPROVE communication skills.

You meet regularly with Dr. Wayne Messmer privately by video conferencing for scheduled sessions to review your progress, establish new strategies and activities to effectively identify and tackle the biggest challenges, leading to a solution.

Additional support is available via unlimited consulting via e mails, or other means in-between regularly scheduled sessions. Everything in the program from the big-picture strategy, to day-to-day tactics and execution is custom-tailored, with respect to the individual personal strengths, preferences, and the specific needs of the particular business.

The Spirit of a Champion 1-on-1 Private Mentor Program is an initial 90-day program with no surprises, just results. True development has been proven to be a long process. A commitment of at least six months is recommended in order to reap the full value of the program.

Expected Results:

  • Measurable improvements in communication and presentation skills
  • Defined sense of clarity in the decision-making process
  • Laser-focused solutions to unblock specific business resistance
  • Increased thought leadership mindset to increase the number of prospects, clients and business contacts who will find, trust, and engage
  • Renewed outlook on how to face the challenges of change
  • Simple and straightforward value-first personal branding profile
  • Improved skills for sales/marketing meetings and speaking engagements
  • Clear understanding of how to recognize the pivotal moments in life
  • Step-by-step process to establish and maintain the measurable and consistent qualities of inspired leadership
  • As much as 100% increase in response rate in business correspondences
  • A sense of understanding of prioritization in problem-solving
  • Personal path to achieving your own “Championship C.A.P.” ©

“Wayne, do I fit the model of your best prospect?”

This question was recently asked of me by an individual who was considering entering into a mentoring/coaching relationship. He wanted to find out if I was “his coach,” by asking me if He was “my client?”

A great question to ask!

If you’re wondering if this program is for you, the exhibit below lists the traits and behaviors of the clients who have fit the best and have gained the most from our 1:1 Spirit of a Champion Private Mentoring relationship.

Wayne Messmer, PhD ~ Executive Coach

You don’t fit if…

  • You are not open to self-improvement
  • You are resistant to change
  • You feel that you have all the answers
  • You believe there are no areas in your life that could use some work
  • You are not comfortable speaking with someone else about yourself
  • You think that you can fix everything yourself, without any help
  • You cannot accept a critique
  • You do not feel like doing the work it takes to improve
  • You fail to see the value of a coaching relationship
  • You don’t like people
  • You see the glass as “half-empty”

You’re a great fit if…

  • You welcome self-improvement
  • You are ready and open to coaching
  • You are receptive to new thoughts
  • You are not afraid to be challenged in order to bring about positive change
  • You are open to sharing your challenges and concerns
  • You are willing to trust someone in a coaching relationship
  • You listen well to suggestions
  • You want to start your journey to achieve your personal best
  • You understand the concept of “untapped potential”
  • You find goodness in others
  • You see the glass as “half-full”