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“The Spirit of a Champion”

This program is perfect for:

  • A non-industry-specific Opening or Closing Keynote
  • Groups facing the challenges of change looking to inspire their organization
  • Senior and Middle managers and deliver results with their teams

The audience will leave with:

  • A renewed outlook on how to face personal challenges
  • An understanding of how to recognize the significant moments in life
  • A working knowledge of how to prepare for the challenges of changes
  • A personal path to achieving their own “Championship C.A.P.”

From the moment Wayne Messmer takes the stage, he connects with the audience, inspiring them to take the journey of life “with your eyes open.”

Drawing from a storied career as a broadcaster, singer, actor, author, and successful businessman, Messmer delivers a timeless message of hope and resilience, connecting with the audience on multiple emotional levels. He speaks with conviction of passion, the fight for survival, and overcoming adversity while facing our fears. Wayne utilizes his unique skills as a master storyteller, combining wit, humor and music to create multiple entertaining and memorable moments and life lessons.

Citing his personal life experiences, captured in his critically-acclaimed book, The Voice of Victory, (available as an audiobook) Wayne engages and empowers the audience by inviting them to forge their own chosen path. In doing so, he cites the setbacks and comebacks, the tragedies and triumphs we face with the challenges of change.

A singular event in April 1994 had a dramatic impact on Wayne Messmer’s life. He brings the audience into the moment with him sharing the details of his powerfully spellbinding story. Wayne recounts the step-by-step process that he took as well as the challenges that followed to ultimately lead him to the “miracle comeback” to sing again, against all odds. He also shares his profoundly intimate experiences of his journey to freedom through healing and the power of forgiveness.

Messmer, the businessman dives deep behind the scenes from his many years, as a sports and entertainment personality and businessman, to share valuable lessons that he learned in his distinguished career. He identifies the common attributes of champions whom he has met along the way who have achieved and maintained sustainable levels of excellence until such moment that they put on their own “Championship C.A.P.” challenging the audience to do the same.

If you are ready to help your next audience to discover their own unique, personal championship traits and uncover a game-changing approach to their personal and professional lives – it’s time to book Wayne Messmer, CSP as your next keynote speaker.

Fee: $7,500 – $10,000
Travels from: Chicago

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