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”The Voice of Victory”

This program is perfect for:

  • Non-industry specific Opening or Closing Keynote Presentations
  • Conventions and Business Meetings where entertainment is as important as education inspiration
  • Groups and Organizations facing the challenges of change

The audience will leave with:

  • An inspired sense of how to “Live life with their eyes open”
  • A clear sense of understanding of the frailty and
  • A greater appreciation about how to respect, use and share our uniqueness

Wayne Messmer shares the accounts of his true-life story, as told in his inspirational and critically-acclaimed book The Voice of Victory, canvassing Wayne’s rise to fame as the premier singer of the National Anthem, his career as a broadcaster, speaker, and sports personality and his near fatal experience of being shot in the throat during an armed robbery attempt.

The audience takes the journey through Wayne’s career highs and the challenges that were thrust upon him during an incredibly difficult period in his life. Citing moments of doubt and frustration along the way, the master storyteller describes how he broke out of the darkness and onto the road of his triumphant comeback.

Wayne’s message speaks of his recovery from adversity by focusing on hope, dedication to following a dream and overcoming what appear to be the overwhelming odds, gaining strength by tapping into a foundation of faith, family and friends.

As the dramatic tale unwinds, the audience is “Messmer-ized” by the presence of a constant and singular thought throughout the process, of not just “getting well,” but evolving into a distinctively more profound state of “being better.”

Audiences are asked to take inventory of their own lives to discover their very special gifts, and they are then challenged to use them, respect them and share them.

The Voice of Victory Keynote presentation is certain to inspire and motivate every audience through its story of courage and conviction in the face of life’s great challenges. Wayne artfully describes the powerful 3-F’s of Faith, Family, are Friends that are strengthened by the “4th F” of Forgiveness, leading to the critically important “5th F” of Freedom.

If you are ready to help your next audience to discover their own unique, personal championship traits and uncover a game-changing approach to their personal and professional lives – it’s time to book Wayne Messmer, CSP as your next keynote speaker.

Fee: $7,500 – $10,000
Travels from: Chicago

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